Air Pollution is a major global issues that has adverse effects. Air pollution needs to be minimised and therefore is the reason why I am designing this system. I am designing a system that can help warn people of the deadly effects of pollution and try to encourage them to reduce this issue. My system will consist of a sensor which will measure air quality and thus provide real-time data for people to physically witness.

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C# Tutorials

I used C# for my coding within my light switch application. Here are some tutorial videos that helped me get started.

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Azure Cloud

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My system will consist of having sensors to measure air quality. Here is a list of sensors with its description of what sensors are and what they do.

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World Health Organisation listed Air pollution as one of their most crucial global issue that needs to be resolved.

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Visual Studio was the software I used to create my light switch application. Read more information on visual studio and download it here

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This link leads you to what Cloud computing is and what  advantages it offers. This information helped me to make the decision of  designing an application that can then be loaded onto the cloud and allow users to access it through web-bases services.

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Effects of air pollution

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IBM software Rational Rose

IBM software Rational Rose

I used Rational Rose for designing my use case diagram

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What is lightswitch?

What is lightswitch?

Find out more on light switch here! Light switch is a component of Visual Studio that I used to design my prototype of my ‘AirQuality’ system.

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